Best Wedding Hair Salons

A great looking head of hair can work wonders on a person’s appearance. Experts recommend that frequent washing and maintenance be undertaken to ensure that every follicle looks as good as it feels – but there are factors that can work against our hair, leaving it looking dull and dry. Hot weather, a build-up of oil and even the wind can take a toll on follicles and if left untreated, the condition of hair can soon start to deteriorate further.

Hair salons are at the forefront of the battle for great looking hair and thanks to their industrial grade formulas and treatments; even the most damaged strands can look clean and fresh in a matter of hours. But what therapies can they offer to rehydrate follicles and roots that afford greater results than home solutions?

A professional conditioning

There are literally hundreds of conditioning formulas to choose from and if the wrong one is chosen, a client’s hair could end up looking worse than it did originally. There are those that work to rehydrate as well as others that imbue strands with oils. There are even those that strip away the natural layers of sebum for a temporary matte effect. Only a trained hairdresser will know which type will be best for a client’s requirements.

Advanced washing treatments

When untreated for a substantial amount of time, follicles can begin to absorb the effects of dirt and debris until they become all but impossible to remove. A hair stylist will be able to recognise this condition almost immediately and will be able to choose the best formula to breakdown any build-ups of dirt. When properly treated, the lustre and vibrancy of hair can be revealed, whilst strand health and durability will be improved.

There are other treatments available after the condition of follicles has been addressed – but it’s very important to restore hydration and vibrancy to affected strands first, before introducing newer therapies. Once the pH balance has been restored, a client will then be able to enjoy a host of other services to ensure that their hair looks great well in to the future.

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