Day Spa Laser Treatments

Welcome to Advanced Body Image.

Our clinic has been offering exclusive laser and skin treatments to adults of all ages in and around Australia for years – and we’d love to tell you a little bit more about ourselves.

With 11 unique therapies to choose from, our laser treatments have helped thousands of people to get the most out of their aesthetic attributes.

We specialise in skin therapies, particularly those relating to the removal of hairs, tattoos, scars and stretch marks – for a full list of our services, please feel free to check our Services section.

Who We Are and What We Stand For

At ABI our dermatological experts have been providing skin therapies and treatments for years.

Every one of our experts are fully licensed and qualified to practice the services that we offer – and we have yet to come face to face with a procedure that we haven’t been able to help with.

Even the most severe of ailments can be addressed within our clinic – including extreme dermatitis. Our lasers are fully functional and versatile enough to be used at varying power levels, making it relatively straight forward for us to tailor our treatments to the exact needs and requirements of our patients.

Some of the most popular services that we offer include:

  • Excess or unwanted hair removal – with just a session or two being more than enough to permanently remove hair growth from genitalia, underarms, limbs and the facial region
  • Tattoo removal – another permanent treatment that takes just a few sessions in most cases, although this will depend on the size and age of the tattoo
  • Scar reduction – which with a few treatments, can all but eliminate the traces of damaged tissue
  • Treating dermatitis – including bacterial infections, causes of rashes, smoothing scars, marks and holes
  • Pigment correction – an advanced technique used to repair and improve the appearance of skin and the dermal layers in general

These are just a few of our popular services and we proudly provide over a dozen unique options to those in need.

Our company strives for integrity, successful results and affordable prices – and these traits have led to us being considered one of the most beneficial and reliable laser therapy clinics in the country.

Although we are based in Australia, it’s not uncommon for our specialists to treat individuals that have travelled from around the globe to be seen by us.

Our free consultation services are a great way to have your questions answered – whilst being the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to our specialists and experts.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee as standard and we are so confident in the level of our work that we’d even go as far as to say that if a client is ever unhappy with their results, we offer a money-back option.

This option has never been taken to date however, and we are confident that when choosing us you won’t ever need to feel concerned about the results, or the professionalism of our services.

Contacting Our Clinic

The easiest way to get in touch with us is by calling us on the number provided on our contact page. If we’re ever unavailable, or if you want to get in touch outside of our hours of operation – then please send us an email instead, as we’ll be able to respond to you first thing in the morning.

Our friendly receptionist will be more than happy to answer your questions if you do decide to call however, and they will even be able to schedule a consultation in for you at a time and date that suits your preferences.

At Advanced Body Image, we pride ourselves on offering world-class laser treatments and therapies; without an excessive price tag and in a way that all but guarantees your satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more, or to get your treatment underway.

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